406 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201

Adventure Navigators, LLC

phone: 719-626-1095
email: adventurenavigators@gmail.com
website: www.adventurenavigators.com

Adventure Navigators provides complete luxury-level planning and scheduling services for visitors to the Arkansas Valley. A brief consultation and interest evaluation allows me to specially curate an activity itinerary that will fit the interests of the group. From outdoor recreation activities such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, hiking, skiing and biking to culinary exploration and artistic endeavors, Adventure Navigators provides reservations and planning to foster an environment where visitors to the area have their best adventure, and local providers have their best customer experiences.

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Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area

307 West Sackett Ave.
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-539-7289

website: www.parks.state.co.us/Parks/ArkansasHeadwaters
email: ahra@state.co.us

The Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA) is recognized as one of the nation’s most popular locations for whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Arkansas River – the most commercially rafted river in the world! The AHRA office is located in historic downtown Salida, one block from the Arkansas River on West Sackett Ave.

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Badger Creek Ranch, LLC

5795 CR 2
Canon City CO, 81212

phone: 719-837-2962

website: badgercreekranch.com
email: info@badgercreekranch.com

Year-round we are a working ranch that produces grass-fed and finished beef, lamb, and pasture raised poultry and pork.  We are a family business, owned by sisters Chrissy Mcfarren and Andrea Evers, with their spouses David Mcfarren and Brian Atken.  We also operate a seasonal guest ranch at our high county location on the old Ute Trail near Gribbles Park.  We use regenerative ranching practices to steward the land and the headwaters of Badger Creek and the Arkansas River.

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Bill Dvorak’s Rafting I Kayaking & Fishing

17921 US Highway 285
Nathrop, CO 81236

toll free: 800-824-3795
local: 719-539-6851

email: info@dvorakexpeditions.com
website: www.dvorakexpeditions.com

Family owned and operated, Dvorak’s offers whitewater Rafting adventures | Fly-Fishing | Specialty Music Trips | Full Paddle School | Multi-Sport packages that include many activities: Raft, Bike, Hike, Climb, Zip line, Horseback, Fishing and Kayaking. Our experienced and professionally trained staff will take care of you on your adventures.  Dvorak’s Watersport Rentals daily for Rafts, SUPS, Tubes, gear and book for Arkansas river shuttle services for the Arkansas Valley.

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Buena Vista Mountain Adventures

phone: 719-966-9939

email:  reservations@bvmountainadventures.com
website: www.bvmountainadventures.com

Buena Vista Mountain Adventure (BVMA) is Your Hub for Outdoor Education & Backcountry Skiing / Splitboarding in Colorado. 

BVMA offers AIARE Avalanche Safety Training, Backcountry Navigation, and Wilderness First Aid & Remote Care courses in Central Colorado. Our class sizes are small, and we can access terrain throughout the Rocky Mountains.

Buena Vista Mountain Adventure is the premier backcountry skiing and splitboarding guide company in the Sawatch Range. We also provide cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and rock climbing lessons and tours.

BVMA guides and instructors are the most qualified people in the area to lead you on your backcountry adventure. These people have spent years exploring the Arkansas Valley and remain excited about sharing unique outdoor experiences with our students and guests.

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BV eBikes

111 Linderman Ave.,
Buena Vista, CO 81211

phone: 719-398-4554
website: www.bvebikes.com
email: info@bvebikes.com

Discover the thrill of electric bikes at BV eBikes, the only exclusive e-bike shop in Chaffee County! These cutting-edge bikes not only level the playing field for riders of all physical abilities but also promise an enjoyable experience for groups of every age. Looking to rent? Whether you’re hosting visitors or seeking a family adventure, come to BV eBikes, where Katie, Darin, and staff await to craft an unforgettable ride just for you. Darin and Katie bought BV eBikes from Rick and Nancy Fox in November of 2023, and are excited for the opportunity to share their love of biking and adventure with everyone who lives in or visits Chaffee county.

BV eBikes is located at 710 Hwy 24 North (on the corner of Crossman Ave. and Hwy 24) in Buena Vista.

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Captain Zipline

520 County Road 54
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 1-877-ZIPLINE

email: reservations.captainzipline@gmail.com
website: www.captainzipline.com
Find us on Facebook!

Suspend your fear and come fly with us at Captain Zipline! Colorado’s first zipline and largest aerial park is here to offer the true Colorado experience to everyone! From solo travelers and families looking for the next big thing to do on their vacation to bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate retreats, team building events, birthday/retirement parties, family reunions and everything in between, we host it all!.

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Central Colorado Mountain Riders

website: www.centralcoloradomountainriders.com
email: CentralColoradoMountainRiders@gmail.com

CCMR is an all-volunteer nonprofit motorcycle club and partners with local land managers to keep surrounding trails clear of downed and hazard trees, maintain existing trails, and advocate for new multiuse trails. We have formally adopted 8 singletrack trail segments in Chaffee, Fremont, and Saguache counties. Our trailhead kiosks are designed to educate and help prevent user conflict in order to create a positive recreation experience for all users.

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Colorado Gators

9162 CR 9 N
Mosca, CO 81146

phone: 719-378-2612

website: www.coloradogators.com
email: colog8rs@gmail.com

Colorado Gators began in 1977 as a fish farm. In 1987, the first alligators were brought in as “garbage disposals” for dead fish. Some of these original gators are now 12 feet long. Over the years we have become a reptile rescue. There are many species of reptiles living on our farm, most of which come from uninformed pet owners. We take care of these animals and display them for education of the public.

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Elemental 5

9985 US 50 Unit C
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-838-2023
email: E5gym.co@gmail.com
website: www.elementalfive.com

Elemental 5 is a distinctive fitness and personal growth center located in Salida, CO, offering a unique blend of acrobatics, parkour, and ninja-style training. The center is designed to cater to a wide range of ages and skill levels, with programs specifically tailored for children, youth, and teenagers.
Elemental 5’s core program, NinFit, short for “Ninja Fitness,” uniquely marries physical training with conceptual elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Void as guiding principles. Each element represents a facet of training – Earth for strength, Water for adaptability, Fire for
intensity, Air for creativity, and Void for mental focus – ensuring a holistic approach.

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Elevation Beer Company

115 Pahlone Pkwy.
Poncha Springs, CO 81242

phone: 719.539.5258

website: www.elevationbeerco.com
email: info@elevationbeerco.com

Our inspired and seasonal brews pair perfectly with your next adventure. Nestled in the heart of the Arkansas River Valley, Elevation Beer Company’s commitment to tradition and imagination fills our portfolio with some of the most innovative beers in the industry. From our easy drinking, 8 Second Kölsch Style Ale, to our limited release barrel aged program, the tasting room is certain to be pouring something for novice and craft beer fanatics alike.

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FIBARK Community Paddling Center

240 N F Street
Salida, CO 81201

email: fibark.colorado@gmail.com
website: Fibark.com

FIBArk Community Paddling Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting community members to discover white water paddle sports through yearly events and programs. They work to provide local youth with the opportunity to safely engage in whitewater paddle sports and learn river safety and etiquette and offering a space where community members can learn about whitewater paddle sports, the history of the Arkansas River and the history of the FIBArk organization.

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Hallmark Ranch Alpacas

9518 Hwy 291
Salida CO 81201

phone: 719-539-5293

email: reininp@msn.com
website: www.hallmarkranchalpacas.com

We are a hands-on alpaca ranch located minutes from beautiful downtown Salida. With 8+ years of experience in the alpaca industry, we lovingly care for our alpacas in a small ranch environment, giving full-time attention to our healthy, well-bred herd.  We offer ranch tours providing educational Information and an opportunity to meet our alpacas in person; a fun activity for kids and adults.

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Heart of the Rockies Anytime Fitness

9985 A Highway 50
Poncha Springs, CO 81201

phone: 719-626-2121

email: Roxanne.Sachtleben@anytimefitness.com
email: Daniel.Sachtleben@anytimefitness.com
website: www.anytimefitness.com/gyms/4790/poncha-springs-co-81242/

As long time business people and health and fitness enthusiasts, opening an Anytime Fitness was a decision that made a lot of sense for Daniel and Roxanne Sachtleben. Heart of the Rockies Anytime Fitness is located in Poncha Springs, allowing us to serve those in Salida, Poncha Springs, Nathrop, Maysville, and beyond. Anytime Fitness is open 24/7 and equipped with brand new state-of-the-art equipment. We have cardio machines, strength equipment, a large functional training area, and a multi-purpose room with on-demand virtual fitness classes. We have a welcoming environment, comfortable for all fitness levels. We also have personal training, small group training, and a variety of classes. In addition, we have a hydromassage machine to aid in recovery and support wellness. As a locally owned and operated business, we enjoy meeting members and supporting our community and other local businesses.

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High Altitude Portable Oxygen Inc.

phone: 719-256-0321

website: www.highaltitudeportableoxygen.com
email: highaltitudeportableoxygen@gmail.com

We are a family owned business who everyday see the effect of high altitude on visitors to our area. We also see the frustrations of coordinating oxygen through traditional oxygen companies and insurance pathways. We provide prompt and reliable portable supplemental oxygen through a different model.
We provide Recreational Oxygen without a prescription (for rent). We use the equipment and sterile oxygen tubing for short term use. We also offer portable oxygen concentrators for sale (with prescription). Contact us for details and to schedule a rental. We believe everyone should enjoy the mountains!

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High Country Jiu Jitsu

9985 Unit B W US Hwy 50
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 571-334-8719

website: www.HighCountryJiuJitsu.com
email: HighCountryJJ@gmail.com

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art and combat sport based on ground fighting and submission holds. BJJ focuses on the skill of taking an opponent to the ground, controlling one’s opponent, gaining a dominant position, and using a number of techniques to force them into submission via joint locks or chokeholds. A principle of this sport is teaching a smaller person techniques that work to control a larger, stronger opponent.

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Independent Whitewater

10830 CR 165
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-539-7737

website: www.raftsalida.com
email: raft@raftsalida.com

We’ve got rafting trips for all experience levels, from family float trips to exhilarating whitewater. Because of our unique location on the Arkansas River, we are able to offer longer trips with more rapids, as well as exclusive riverside camping. Cool down on the Arkansas River and experience the thrill of our whitewater inflatable kayaks (“duckies”) for day or overnight trips.

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Into the Ether

825 West 2nd Street
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 501-339-4687

website: facebook.com/intotheetherco

instagram: @jenna_goes_into_the_ether
email: intotheethertees@gmail.com

Into the Ether is a special business. It is a spiritual service to this community. We offer readings (intuitive, cards, or akashic records) and Reiki Healing sessions. We also hope to facilitate a place to connect. To connect with other cultures, with sprit, with community. Into the Ether also offers custom wearable art. From tie dyes to gemstone healing jewelry to handmade candles. There is magic to be found at Into the Ether.

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Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa

28640 County Road 58ee
Moffat, CO 81143

phone: 719-256-4328

website: www.joyfuljourneyhotsprings.com
email: reservations@joyfuljourneyhotsprings.com

Many come here for the curative powers of the healing water, others for the clean peaceful energy that seems to permeate the area. One can sense joyful vibrations here, thus: Joyful Journey Hot Springs. We invite you to come and experience this wonderful sacred area sheltered beneath the towering Sangre De Cristo Mountains.

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Kim’s Gym

144 Old Stage Road Unit C
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-429-5983
email: shafferme@hotmail.com
website: www.getufitsalida.com

Kim Shaffer has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 1979. Kim has owned two health clubs, three personal training studios, a natural foods café, and numerous other businesses. She also traveled for four years training and certifying group fitness instructors and produced two fitness videos. Her life time experience in the fitness industry has taught her that wellness is very basic and that diet, exercise, attitude, family and friends are the keys to living life to its fullest. Opening Kim’s Gym in Salida has been a dream of Kim’s since 2006 after moving back to Colorado.  It will be a gym that people have fun and get fit.

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Monarch Mavericks Square Dance Club

Mobile Dance Group

website: www.monarchmavericks.wordpress.com
email: monarch.mavericks@yahoo.com

Follow us on Facebook!

   The Monarch Mavericks is an SSD / Plus / Rounds square dance club that dances every 2nd and 4th Saturday afternoons of the month at the American Legion Hut, 10th & H, in Salida, Colorado.  Square dancing is from 1:30-4:00 with rounds between tips.  Pre-rounds for round dancers is 12:45-1:15.  Professional callers from Colorado and surrounding states always deliver a fun, high-spirited dance experience.  The Mavericks are high energy, all-inclusive, singles and couples of all genders are welcome, and novice dancers are especially encouraged.

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Monarch Snowmobile Tours

22763 US Hwy 50
Salida CO, 81201

website: monarchsnowmobiletours.com
email: monarchtours@yahoo.com

Join Monarch Snowmobile Tours and Rentals this season and ride where the snow is. You’ll be invigorated by the crisp, clear air as you ride through a winter wilderness and enjoy the awe-inspiring views of the surrounding 14,000-foot mountain peaks and valleys below. We offer a wide variety of tours in and around the historic and scenic areas of Garfield/Monarch, Colorado and Monarch Ski Area.

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Mountain Spirit Winery LTD

15750 County Rd 220
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-539-1175

website: www.mountainspiritwinery.com
email: barkett@mountainspiritwinery.com
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The 13th winery in Colorado in business for 20 years, Mountain Spirit Winery is a family-owned enterprise creating international award-winning wines specializing in original wine blends: Merlot/Raspberry, Blackberry/Cabernet, Franc, Reisling/Chardonnay, and our perennial Gold-medal winning Angel Blush blend of apple, pear, and raspberry.

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Mountain Sports Haus

10240 US Hwy 50
Poncha Springs, CO 81242

phone: 719-539-7618
website: mountainsporthaus.com
email: info@mountainsportshaus.com

Mountain Sports Haus provides daily or seasonal ski, snowboard, and snowblade rentals from a large inventory of equipment and accessories. Our shop is the finest ski shop in the region providing professional ski tuning and repairs in a timely manner and competitive prices. The “Haus” stocks a large selection of ski clothing and accessories for children and adults.

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Noah’s Ark Whitewater Rafting & Browns Canyon Adventure Park

23910 Hwy. 285 S.
Buena Vista, CO 81211

phone: 719.395.2158

website: www.noahsark.com
website: www.BrownsCanyonAdventurePark.com
email: reservations@noahsark.com

Experience Colorado’s #1 rafted river!  Since 1983, Noah’s Ark has specialized in family and group whitewater rafting trips through the Arkansas River’s most popular section, Browns Canyon National Monument! We offer half-day, full-day, and overnight trips leaving daily from our private riverside put-in. Join us for an adventure “miles from ordinary”!

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Peak to Peak Pickleball

website: www.peaktopeakpickleball.com
email: Pickleball Ambassador, Cheryl Piderit Piderit2@live.com

Peak to Peak Pickleball Club, as a volunteer and non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting and facilitating the sport of Pickleball in Chaffee County and the surrounding area, thereby:

  • Providing collegial, social interaction with people of all ages and abilities
  • Encouraging the physical, mental, and social benefits of an active lifestyle
  • Providing opportunities for the continued development of all players in a collegial and sportsmanlike environment
  • Working to build permanent courts in southern Chaffee County, for our growing membership of 300, through fundraising efforts

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Pleasant Valley RV Park

0018 CR 47
Howard, CO 81233

phone: 719-942-3484
email: pleasantvalleyrvhoward@gmail.com
website: pleasantvalleyrvpark.net

Pleasant Valley RV Park is located in the Central Rocky Mountains on the eastern side of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. We offer breathtaking views, tranquility, and private access to the famed Arkansas River. Enjoy your time fishing, relaxing by the river, or exploring the nearby attractions from our central location. Many of our guests choose to return every summer and stay and play with us. We strive to provide the most relaxing and enjoyable experience for all of our campers!

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Ramps and Alleys Skate Shop

645 E Rainbow Blvd
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-539-5468

email: info@rampsandalleys.com
website: www.rampsandalleys.com

Ramps and Alleys is Salida’s one and only skate shop. Located less than a minute from the new skatepark, Ramps and Alleys is dedicated to providing its customers with all their roller skate, skateboard needs, and accessories. Not to mention we have a candy shop and an arcade game. But that’s not all…. Ramps and Alleys is a community clubhouse with a mini indoor skatepark and an outdoor ramp. Whether you want to shop, hang out, paint or skate Ramps and Alleys is the place to be.

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Rocky Mountain Clubhouse

413 1/2 W Rainbow Blvd
Salida, CO 81201

phone: (719) 204-5124
website: rockymountainclubhouse.com
email: info@rockymountainclubhouse.com

Reopened under new ownership in May 2024!

Rocky Mountain Clubhouse is a fun-filled destination offering a challenging 18-hole mini golf course amidst a breathtaking botanical garden. Relax and enjoy snacks, drinks, and adult beverages in our clubhouse and outdoor patio.

Contact us directly for your event! Birthday parties, pre/post wedding parties, company outings, team-building events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and special events!

Sink ’em & Clink ’em 🙂

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Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals-Anderson Motor Co

345 W Hwy 50
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719.539.3088
phone: 719.221.0757

website: www.rockymountainjeeprentals.com
email: craig@rockymountainjeeprentals.com

Anderson Motors – Rocky Mountain Jeep rentals will help you get off-road, off the beaten path, and experience all that Colorado has to offer. We also carry motorcycle rentals, Harleys for pavement use, dual-sport bikes for trail use, Jeep rentals, 4×4 rentals, pop-up camper rentals, car rentals, SUV rentals. Please call to learn more.

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Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

4218 Co Rd 3A
Cañon City, CO 81212

phone: 719-275-7507
toll free: 888-333-5597

website: www.royalgorgebridge.com
email: rgb@royalgorgebridge.com

Come see one of Colorado’s greatest natural wonders! View the Arkansas River from the Royal Gorge Bridge, the highest suspension bridge in  North America. With more than 360 acres of scenery, you won’t believe your eyes! Besides the incredible views, enjoy one of the many rides or shows in the park including the highest Zipline in America

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Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience

44895 W US Hwy 50
Canon City, CO 81212

phone: 800-209-0062

email: info@dinoxp.com
website: dinoxp.com

The Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience gives kids of all ages the opportunity to experience science-focused interactive displays, full-scale dinosaur fossil casts, hands-on exhibits with real dinosaur fossils, skinned animatronic dinosaur exhibits, guided tours, and—for added family fun, value and lasting memories—a multi-story ropes course. The Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience offers something for everyone, from young children to the young-at-heart, and from visitors who are just learning about dinosaurs to seasoned fossil hunters. We are thrilled to work with you and your family to plan a perfect birthday party in our architecturally stunning 16,200-square-foot building, or on our 35-acre property.

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Salida Bridge Club

phone: 303-641-3534
email: 20091112SB@gmail.com

The Salida Bridge Club is a non-profit organization with a three fold mission: to promote the game of contract bridge with a duplicate format, to create a fun and exciting  activity open to beginning, intermediate, advanced and expert players, and to foster great programming through our fundraising for the Salida School District. Join us every Thursday from 11am to 3pm. Lessons, light lunch, and game provided. Reservations: Sue and Randy 303-641-3534.

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Salida Distillery

110 E 15th St.
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-207-4016
website: salidadistillery.com
email: maggie@salidadistillery.com

We are a family owned and operated high mountain distillery with a focus on small batch spirits and environmental sustainability. Our 3 staple products: an aged Bourbon, botanical Gin and filtered Vodka, each embody the flavors of the region in a unique way. This foundational product line is a benchmark of distinctive quality. The tasting room provides a dog & family friendly environment with affordable craft cocktails and food available via Peaks N Pitas.

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Salida Golf Club

404 Grant Street
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-539-1060

website: www.salidagolfclub.com

High Altitude Golfing at its Best! Started in 1926, the Salida Golf Club has rolling greens and stunning views. The greens are small and fast, there is water on 8 of the holes, and the usual pace is two hours for nine holes. The course is on a slope, but is easy to walk. Trees define each fairway but are not numerous enough to lose your ball in them.

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Salida Hot Springs Pool

410 W Highway 50
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-539-6738

The Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center is a year-round facility, offering recreation and relaxation in natural mineral water. A 25-meter, 6-lane pool dominates a large portion of the building. At approximately 84 to 86 degrees, this pool is delightful for swimming, diving and recreational play. Two lap lanes are usually available.

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Salida River Adventures

7330 W US Hwy 50
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-626-1350

email: info@salidariveradventures.com
website: www.salidariveradventures.com

All of our float trips take place on various stretches of the Arkansas River. We utilize the numerous designated access points along the river to ensure that we are fishing the best water for that day. At our guide meeting every morning we will discuss trip location based on water levels, clarity, hatches and guest preference. We can be fishing the fast riffles downstream in the canyon for big rainbows or chasing hungry browns on a mellow trip through Salida. And for the adventurous angler, we can fish through Browns Canyon National Monument providing the scenery, rapids and deep holes.

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Split Happens Bowling Center

7615 W. Hwy 50
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-539-6436

email: splithappensbowlingcenter@gmail.com
website: www.splithappensbowling.com/

Split Happens is a 12 lane bowling alley with a snack bar and full service bar. Recently remodeled with several upgrades in equipment, we strive to provide a family friendly, kid friendly, environment. We have a pool table, video games, and a state-of-the-art juke box. We have 2 summer leagues in session and offer leagues 6 days a week in the winter season. We have a full service pro shop to take care of all equipment needs.

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Totally Tubular

FiBArk Building
240 N F Street
Salida, CO 81201

email: info@totallytubularsalida.com
website: totallytubularsalida.com

Open from Memorial Weekend on, Totally Tubular is your one stop shop for rafts, paddle boards, tubes, boogie boards and inflatable kayaks. Choose your way to play, grab a life jacket, and hop in the Arkansas River for a tubular time. The expert staff can help you decide where to float for the adventure that best suits your skill level. Grab the family and have a day on the river!

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Western Recreation Industries Inc

10955 CR 128
Poncha Springs, CO 81242

phone: 719-539-1295
Toll Free: 800-525-1181

website: www.wri-biz.net
email: stan@wribiz.net

Western Recreation is a 4th generation family business located at the intersection of Hwy 50 & 285 in Poncha Springs at the Colorado Outpost. Our roots are deep into the archery industry as a manufacturer and distributor of archery products to large chain stores and small pro shops all across North America. Our retail location offers a huge selection of archery, firearms, hunting, ammo, black powder, optics, hiking, fishing, ice fishing, camping, skiing, winter gear, water sports, books, maps, gifts, foot wear, clothing, outdoor gear, souvenirs, rain wear, drink ware, metal detectors, gold panning, optics, pickle ball, toys, pet supplies, snacks, socks, sun glasses and everything outdoors. We are also a good source for local information and knowledge about all the recreational opportunities in the area.
WRI is also home to one of the largest printing operations in southern Colorado. We have three large format printers which are kept busy printing archery targets. Having these large printers allows us to print signs, banners and decals for local businesses very affordably.

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Wilderness Aware Rafting

1200 US Highway 24/285
Buena Vista, CO

toll free: 1-800-462-7238
phone: 719-395-2112

email: rapids@inaraft.com
website: www.inaraft.com

Highly Rated on Trip Advisor. Twice Named Colorado’s Company of the Year. Specializing in ½ to 10 day whitewater adventures, scenic horseback rides, evening Arkansas River Dinner Float, and breathtaking zipline tours. Experience exceptional customer service at our 17 acre riverside facility. Visit our award winning website for more information and our extensive photo gallery.

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