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Having an experienced Financial Professional or Registered Representative can not only help simplify the complexities of your wealth, it can also help simplify your life. Through a disciplined process and investment choices based on your goals, time frame and risk tolerance, we can help not only reduce the many questions that can come with investing, but can also help you identify many opportunities as well – all in an effort to help make your life easier.

We can provide you with investment services and guidance that make the most sense for you and your family. We’ll also be there to help you each step of the way as you pursue your personal financial goals.

Services offered include Longevity Planning, Financial Planning and Retirement Planning

Barb Beckner

Barb uses her over 4 decades of experience and accumulated knowledge and perspective in the financial and investment industry to help clients with their financial goals and needs. Barb understands the dynamics of wealth, how to balance the
complex forces at work and how to adapt as conditions change. Working with the Working-Class American in her community, surrounding counties as well as throughout the country, Barb brings a personal touch, creating long-term, meaningful relationships, providing personalized financial planning advise using some of the industry’s most comprehensive resources. Educating our clients is key.
Together with her husband, Ron D. Beckner, they developed the R-Time FORMula ®. Their process encompasses all aspects of an investor’s life. The R stands for Real, because time only goes in one direction. T.I.M.E is an acronym for Tools, Information, Money, and Equipment. He was taught by his dad when in the Pipe Trades. Taking this same process and applying it to the investment world, we educate our clients on what T.I.M.E. means to them and their investments. Using the investment process called the Financial Star Process, Barb considers not only the investing experience, risk tolerance, and goal planning, but all points of an investor’s life. We empower our clients with the 5-Star Process.
As your life and your needs as an investor evolve, so will your vision for the future and risk tolerance. Barb will be with you every step of the way offering sound advice and customized financial solutions designed specifically for you.

Ron Beckner

With more than 8 years of experience in the financial industry Ron Beckner advises clients on a broad range of financial strategies and wealth protection. As a financial advisor Ron has completed several comprehensive training programs that include all required licensing examinations. His investment strategies as an advisor focuses on the dynamics of the client. He listens to each client’s concerns and believes a personalized wealth strategy is how to understand and grow a solid financial foundation. Ron blends integrity, hard work and a willingness to help each client like they are the only client in
the world. Ron uses a hands-on approach meeting clients on a regular basis to ensure their investments remain suitable for their objectives throughout their lifetime and ever-changing market. His workingclass American background has helped him develop a unique style to help educate the working-class American about financial strategies that are often overlooked.
A military veteran of 24 years that included the US Navy, US Coast Guard and the US Naval reserves, Ron blends integrity, hard work and willingness to focus on each client as if they are the only client in the world. Ron uses a hands-on approach when meeting clients to ensure suitability of their investments meets their lifestyle and sustains their objectives for life. The Financial STAR process is one of the main keys to helping working-class Americans understand and plan for their financial future. Ron also has recently published a book titled, “A Blueprint and Financial Guide for the Working-Class American” that is currently available on Amazon.

Rebekah Wolking

Rebekah has been in customer service since 2016, mainly in the retail banking field. Rebekah brings a passion for helping clients and their families understand that a sound financial education and a well-developed plan can help families walk
through the tough seasons of life. Rebekah graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Human Development and Family Relationships.
After graduation, she worked extensively with the youth in her home church before stumbling upon banking. Her educational background, work experience with families at every stage, and her own personal story have helped Rebekah
develop a keen sense of what families truly need to help them make the best decisions they can about the future.
Rebekah comes to Raymond James with a strong understanding of the administrative process and the importance of having an office run as a well-oiled machine. She strives to meet expectations by assisting both internal and external customers quickly and efficiently. Coming from a banking background, Rebekah understands the importance of how systems, protocol, and compliance work together to make everyone in the financial industry successful.
Born in Denver, raised in Pueblo, Rebekah is a true Colorado native. Currently, she and her husband Joe live in Canon City with their son, Grayson. They also have two beautiful Siberian Huskies- Sasha and Chase. Joe is an accomplished musician and plays in a band with his brothers- making music a BIG part of their everyday life. Joe, Rebekah, and Grayson enjoy spending time at the park, riding trains, reading,
and spending time with family. Joe and Grayson are Rebekah’s motivation to be the best and do her very best every day.
Rebekah often says that the best piece of advice anyone has given her came from her father: “You must be your own biggest fan. You must believe that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Believe in yourself or no one else will”. These are words that drive Rebekah to be successful and see the world for what a wonderful it is.

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