406 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201

Salida Colorado Community Awards

CLICK HERE to view our presentation from the 2021 Community Awards! See the faces and hear the honored words from the recipients of the 2021 From the Heart, Man & Woman of the Year, Entrepreneur, Business of the Year, and the Wanted Award. Congratulations to our Annual Community Award winners!  We appreciate all you do for our community!

Cornerstone Award
This award is given as recognition of long-term community support and dedication.

From the Heart Award
This awards if given as recognition of a citizen’s generosity of spirt and volunteerism.

Citizen of the Year Award
This award is given as recognition of an outstanding citizen.

  • Community Involvement
    Nominees should be involved in the betterment of the community through active civic participation. Their involvement may be in the health or human services, education, recreation, arts or cultural improvements, economic development, or community-based organizations that contribute to the quality of life in our community. As a result of this involvement, nominees should have specific and noteworthy accomplishments.
  • Cooperation and Support
    Nominees must have demonstrated willingness to assist in business and community projects by participating personally in projects or events that have resulted in substantial betterment of the community.
  • Leadership
    Nominees must have exhibited leadership in the community projects and have completed them successfully. Evidence of effective leadership in vital community projects and organizations will be considered.

Entrepreneur Award
The Entrepreneur of the Year Award was created to honor a business or individual that has made a significant impact in our community over a short period on time, while embodying the spirit of innovation that has always been a hallmark of our area.
The Entrepreneur of the Year is chosen by the Chamber’s Board of Directors. 
The Entrepreneur of the Year award recipient must be a member with the Salida Chamber of Commerce.

Business of the Year Award
It’s as straight forward as the name!  This award will be given to the business that continues to best support, serve, and stand by their community of Salida.  Business of the Year is chosen by the Chamber’s Board of Directors selected from 2022’s twelve “Businesses of the Month” recipients.

Nomination and Selection Process
Community members in Salida are given the opportunity at the end of each year to recognize members in their community who demonstrate leadership, are involved, and embody the Salida spirit.
Nominations can be made by:

  • Filling out the online Nomination Form HERE
  • Printing the Nomination Form HERE and mailing/drop off at the Salida Chamber of Commerce located at 406 W. Hwy. 50 Salida CO, 81201

Nominee Criteria
Nominees will be selected by using award guidelines and the following criteria:

  • Qualification: How qualified is the nominee to receive this award based on the description?
  • Contributions:  How accomplished is the nominee in the community and to what level have they contributed to the community?
  • Impact:  How much of an impact does the nominee have on their community as it relates to the organizations the nominee is involved in?