406 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201

Mountain Spirit Winery LTD


15750 County Rd 220
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-539-1175

website: www.mountainspiritwinery.com
email: barkett@mountainspiritwinery.com
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The 13th winery in Colorado in business for 20 years, Mountain Spirit Winery is a family-owned enterprise creating international award-winning wines specializing in original wine blends: Merlot/Raspberry, Blackberry/Cabernet, Franc, Reisling/Chardonnay, and our perennial Gold-medal winning Angel Blush blend of apple, pear, and raspberry.

Our winery situated 8 1/2 miles west of Salida features a picnic ground surrounded by 14,000 foot mountain vistas offering comfortable relaxed tours by our production staff and, [always complimentary] wine tasting. Barrel tasting ( also complimentary) is offered so you can try wines in various stages of production. If wine is fermenting in the tanks you may be able to have a look inside! Reservations are necessary only for groups of 10 or more. Just follow the signs on U.S. Highway 50 west of Salida and join us for what will be a very pleasurable winery experience.