406 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201

Antero Outdoors

PO Box 201
Salida, CO 81201
Now available at Hi-Lonesome Boutique in Buena Vista or online

phone: 719-838-9005
email: jab@anterooutdoors.com
website: www.anterooutdoors.com

Antero Outdoors is an LLC operating out of Salida, CO. We are a boutique company producing premium outdoor clothing made of natural and sustainable materials for the recreational and experience driven customer. All of our products are Made in the USA.

Initially, the team is small.
Barb Mannion- 30+ years of technical and leadership experience in the apparel and merchandise business (retail, wholesale and product development).
John Mannion- 30+ years of experience in business planning and sales.
Contract Design Team
In addition, we have a team of advisers and product testers covering a range of ages and genders that are living the outdoor dream experience most days.

The outdoor industry currently relies heavily on synthetic, mostly polyester based products to provide functionality and comfort at value prices. Even those products currently marketed as sustainable are predominately made from recycled polyester. This is devastating to our water systems due to the shedding of micro-plastics and further promotes the petroleum industry. Increasingly conscientious customers are paying attention.

For decades outdoor clothing needs were met through the use of natural products, cotton, wool, etc. Advances in natural products such as the more humane treatment of animals, a shift to organic cotton and the advancement of fibers such as hemp and Tencel have opened the market to brining natural solutions back to the forefront.

Antero Outdoors will be uniquely positioned to leverage this trend. We are small and nimble, able to jump on new fibers and fabrics as they become more available. Our products will have a more premium price due to the use of natural fabrics and therefore may not be for everyone. However, customer awareness of the environmental impacts of polyester clothing is growing. That, coupled with a growing recognition of the problem of overconsumption (quantity over quality) make our products a good choice.