406 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201

Badger Creek Ranch, LLC

5795 CR 2
Canon City CO, 81212

phone: 719-837-2962

website: badgercreekranch.com
email: info@badgercreekranch.com

Year-round we are a working ranch that produces grass-fed and finished beef, lamb, and pasture raised poultry and pork.  We are a family business, owned by sisters Chrissy Mcfarren and Andrea Evers, with their spouses David Mcfarren and Brian Atken.  We also operate a seasonal guest ranch at our high county location on the old Ute Trail near Gribbles Park.  We use regenerative ranching practices to steward the land and the headwaters of Badger Creek and the Arkansas River.

Our lodging season runs from May through November (or when weather permitting).  We have 6 beds and campsites are also available.  We do our best to serve locally sources foods in our kitchen.  We sell our meats through online ordering, at the Salida Farmers Market, and the Triangle Oasis Market.

We offer apprenticeships for those who want to learn regenerative ranching and/or lodging business.  We cherish our local community and we are happy to be apart of it!

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