406 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201

Altamont Landscaping

1521 E. Hwy 50
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-539-2411

website: www.altamontlandscapes.com
email: ross@altamontlandscapes.com

Started in 2008, Altamont Landscapes provides residential and commercial landscaping design, building, and maintenance for the Arkansas River Valley and surrounding area. As premier landscape specialists, we employ a team of landscape professionals and service personnel. Together with the customer, we design and execute your project from beginning to end, no matter how large or small. Like you, we live in the community. We want your project completed correctly and on time. Respect for community and environment is what drives us. Altamont will deliver services and products on time, professionally and with integrity.

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