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Chaffee County & Teller County Waste

1000 S. West St.
Woodland Park, CO 80863

Teller County: 719-686-7517
Chaffee County: 719-395-6656

email: david@tellercountywaste.com
website: tellercountywaste.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/tellercountywastemanagement

Chaffee County Waste and its employees would like to thank everyone that has come on board with our new 2021 Recycling Program. We now have over 4000 recycling residential customers in Teller, Chaffee, Lake and Park Counties. All of our recycling is being transported to Colorado Springs to the GFL (Green For Life) Recycling Center. We are excited to announce that we now have in stock a 96 gallon container for recycling, if interested in upgrading to this larger container please call our office at  719-395-6656.

Be the change you want to see in the world: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Owner Jay Baker – Started in 1994 in Teller County and 2010 in Chaffee County.

Residential & Commercial trash and recycling service.  We can provide roll-off 10-40 Yds to private citizens and commercial sites, builders, etc.

Teller County: 719-686-7517
Chaffee County: 719-395-6656

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