406 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201

SPOT (Salida-area Parks, Open-space & Trails)

phone: 719-221-4008
email: info@salidaparksopenspacetrails.org
website: https://salidaparksopenspacetrails.org/

Salida-area Parks, Open-space & Trails (SPOT) is a volunteer, non-profit organization with a mission to promote the creation, preservation, improvement and appreciation of parks, open space and trails in the greater Salida area. 

What does SPOT do?

SPOT volunteers have been around since 1993 and have helped build the In-town Salida Trails System, including the popular Monarch Spur Trail. Did you know it is actually built on an old railroad bed?! With community help, we now have 8+ miles of trail loops in and around Salida and the Rodeo Run along CR120 extends all the way to Poncha Springs. 

What is the Adopt-a-Trail Program?

You have probably seen the signs along the trails. The names on these signs are the awesome volunteers who have adopted trail sections to keep the trails picked up and to monitor their conditions. What a huge help to the community! Want to adopt a trail? There are more available.

What can you do to help this summer?

  • Enjoy using the trails; they are for us all to enjoy
  • Enjoy the cool new signs along the Monarch Spur; very informative and fun
  • Adopt-a-Trail; be a trail steward
  • Send in your email to join in volunteer work days
  • Be courteous; follow trail etiquette
  • Contact us for more information and ways to donate and volunteer http://salidaparksopenspacetrails.org/trails/ 

What else does SPOT do?

SPOT is much bigger than trails; ongoing projects include historic preservation, public park improvements, open-space acquisition and long range transportation planning. SPOT’s future objective is to promote new trail connections that fill the gaps in our trail systems that will encourage multimodal travel throughout the county. Please help us find the gaps! We are certainly planning for new trails and connections, too, to provide safe, multimodal access to all the places we enjoy. SPOT is currently partnering with the Salida Outdoor Community Pools Committee to try to get outdoor pools built! Visit their website for more info: https://salidasoakandswim.org/