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Cello and Piano Music by South American and Spanish Composers

A Church

Mark Dudrow and Martha Shepp, Cello and Piano Music by South American and Spanish Composers  Sunday March 3 Doors open 2:45 Music 3:00 A Church 419 D St, Salida 719.221.1114  ALRIGHTY, more MUSIC! After a two year hiatus since their first Latin music concert series, cello and piano duo Mark Dudrow and Martha Shepp have just completed their set list. Practicing with unbridled passion and purpose, Dudrow has stated that ‘This music is what I was meant to do.” They will be presenting part 2 of a repertoire of contemporary (20th & 21st century) music by Argentinian, Brazilian and Spanish composers. Part 1 was in 2022, back in the Dark Days of Covid.  The days when the human spirit was calling out for community, for unity. For a shared experience that would elevate.  This performance will be that, and more. The music is lush, deep, stirring, restful, awakening all at the same time.   Dudrow has been playing the cello live, in Salida, for at least 20 years and retains the title of one of my favorite musicians to book and listen to. He loves to share the song of the cello with all audiences, from festivals to farmers markets. He collaborates with musicians in many genres, including Chamber Music, Singer-Songwriters, Balkan and Middle-Eastern, Americana, Tango, Blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll. His performances are never to be missed. Martha Shepp preaches the gospel of the power of creativity. A multi-disciplinary artist, her favorite art forms are at those ripe crossover points. She loves to collaborate with the likes of open-minded genre-free artists like Mark, playing life-affirming works that can’t help but spark the innate creativity of listeners like you. In addition to directing a local music concert series through the Questa Creative Council, she works at the best store in Red River, NM, Frye’s Old Town & the Jewelry Lady, is copy editor at the Questa Del Rio News. She is grateful to be living in this enchanted part of the world. Come prepared. Mark and Martha will present a single set. It is short and intense; it will set you on a journey. We are grateful to co-host the show with KHEN. Many thanks to Loyal Duke, our housing sponsor. Mighty Squirrel for help with ticket sales. And for the incredible graciousness of A Church.   Event Website: www.facebook.com/ClarkProductions  Venue Website:www.achurchsalida.org                 Advance Ticket Sales: Live Music | Mighty Squirrel Productions                       Ticket Price: Advance: $20          Day of Show: $22 Cash or check is always appreciated if purchasing tickets at the door. THANKS!!!!!!!