406 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201

Peak Services (IT Services)

phone: 719-207-1800
website: peakservices.biz
email: johnmichael@peakservices.biz

Peak Services is made up of two specialized services, IT and Audio Services.

Peak Services (Peak Geek): IT Services

With the Peak Geek, we’re dedicated to delivering top-quality IT services tailored to your specific needs. We are a locally owned and operated business, led by John Michael Kreski, a Salidian native and 2018 graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Regis University.

Our Services:

  • Home Installation: From setting up home theater systems to establishing new networks, we ensure seamless connectivity and reliability.
  • Network Integration and Troubleshooting: Our expertise guarantees a fast and efficient network for both homes and businesses.
  • Security Systems: We install advanced security systems to keep your homes and businesses safe.
  • Data Organization: Our services help you keep your information well-structured and secure.
  • Website Consulting: We offer tailored consultations to elevate your online presence, whether you’re creating a new website or enhancing an existing one.

All our services begin at just $45 an hour, including website consultations. John Michael is committed to continuous learning and will soon pursue a Full Stack Website Development Certification, marking the beginning of his pursuit of a master’s degree in Software Engineering. His goal is to become a full-time freelance web developer, managing clients and relationships locally, and expanding statewide and nationwide.

John Michael is thrilled to establish his business in the town where he was raised, and his reputation is highly regarded among peers and coworkers.