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Kirk Bremer – Investment Advisor Representative

I am a financial services professional who has background with investments, insurance and record keeping retirement plans. I consider myself a behavioral investment coach as performance is more about the behaviors and emotions of the investor.

Back in middle school, my mom and I had a conversation about careers. I asked her about going to college vs. having a grounds maintenance company like my dad. She explained, “One is utilizing your mind, the other is working with your hands. Both are equally valued, both are different ways to be productive.”

I chose college. I worked my way through school at CU Denver, receiving a bachelor’s in finance. Just recently, I also completed my Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and Strategic Business Management at Regis University. Each educational step was designed to enhance my dedication to integrating investment procedures that best protect assets.

Even while going to college, I was involved in asset management. First it was Janus Funds, next I was recruited by Kemper Insurance, then I worked with Fireman’s Fund. I followed those roles with a career that spanned twenty years at the Carnegie-inspired retirement company, TIAA-Cref.

Recently retiring from TIAA as a Director, I chose to continue my passion, now working directly with individuals, small business owners and retirees. I specifically joined the Parsonex team because it allows me the flexibility to best assist you as an investor and to ensure your needs are fully and correctly supported.

– Because of my background and years of involvement in financial planning and investment strategies, I bring wisdom and experience that’s seldom available to individuals and small business owners.

– Working with me, you now have a mentor on your team who has always fostered, developed and monitored the long-term financial goals and commitments of others.

– I take your business and monetary concerns and turn them into opportunities for us to devise strategies that initiate lasting results for both a successful retirement and a thoughtful financial succession strategy.

– My expertise gives you a financial professional who’s commitment is to advocate solely for you, championing your long-term goals and needs.

– The tool belt I wear gives you access to carefully evaluated, personally qualified attorneys, accountants and real estate agents.