406 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201

Face of Makeup

222 F Street Suite 3
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 419-463-7689
email: rachael@faceofmakeup.com
website: faceofmakeup.com

Face of Makeup is an on location beauty service that brings professional services to your doorstep. We provide hair styling and makeup applications to clients at their desired locations, as well as some in studio services such as dermaplaning, skin care consultations, and makeup tutorials for those hoping to learn more about doing their own daily look. Our studio is currently located above the Free the Monkey store on f Street, however, we hope to eventually get a store front in town and offer more services to our community.

Face of Makeup began in Atlanta, GA in 2008 as an on location beauty service by me, Rachael Hoch, and grew into a full blown bridal business very quickly. I started by going to clients homes and blowing out hair or styling hair and doing makeup. I did this for events and parties, before or after shift, at CNN and Turner Studios, where I also provided hair and makeup for the talent and guests. Bringing this little hand made company to Salida with me has been a great success. We love doing weddings, and plan to continue that for many years to come. Our hope is to grow more in the community and offer more service on a daily basis to those looking to improve their skincare routine, learn how to do their own makeup, get fit with the right products, and more!