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Connectivity Counseling

107 La Plata St
Poncha Springs, CO 81242

**Also, available by tele-health, and in-home services

phone: 719-717-9009
email: betsy@connectivitycounseling.com
website: www.connectivitycounseling.com

Betsy Floyde is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with “Connectivity Counseling.”  Floyde’s private practice sprouts from thirty-years of counseling in mental health. Connectivity Counseling encapsulates for her “the crux of therapy: improving our ability to connect with ourselves, to others and in the world at large.”

It is a topsy-turvy time! Many people are worried about the future, their health, and people they care about, but may not be able to see. What is your best strategy to cope and to be positive? I can work with you to spot problem areas and map out a plan to maximize your health and happiness.

I specialize in working with young and older adults. I take Medicare and as well as most other insurances. I can see you in person minimizing COVID-19 Coronavirus concerns or through tele-health if you choose. I can provide home visits if necessary. I want to work with you to make positive steps in your life.

I am a Colorado native who set out on journey of recovery, then discovery through Utah and Alaska, practicing counseling at Mental Health centers in small towns and beautiful places!

I continued to Western Australia and ultimately the island of Tasmania where similarly I traveled to small, but distinct communities providing counseling for a variety of issues and to all types and ages of people. I have had a rich collection of experiences through my career and travels that helps me appreciate the differences in others. I love working with individuals to develop a therapeutic understanding and relationship. I value the trust offered by others to let me in and to help them connect better in their lives.

Having come full circle, and being back in the high mountains of Colorado, I return with a more full appreciation of the culture and people here. I want to influence finding or rekindling more PASSION in our lives while moving through troubles or issues gracefully and with gratitude.

Betsy Floyde, LCSW