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Colorado Headwaters

6573 Ridge Road
Salida, CO 81201

phone: 719-221-3307
email: jmallett541@gmail.com
website: coloradoheadwaters.org

Protecting our water at the source: Colorado Headwaters is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We focus on public land and water conservation on the public lands and ranches. Colorado Headwaters is dedicated to protecting the Colorado and other headwaters rivers at their source. Threatened headwaters ecosystems are crucial to Colorado’s prosperity and well-being. We must act now to protect vital resources.

Colorado’s headwaters regions straddle the Continental Divide and produce clean water that flows into states as far away as California and Mississippi as well as Mexico. Population growth produces steadily increasing demand for this vital resource while climate change threatens its sustainability. At the same time, mineral extraction could damage this natural resource beyond repair.

Combined with corporate and political shortsightedness, these issues represent the most serious threat Colorado’s headwaters have ever faced. Colorado Headwaters is the culmination of grass-roots efforts to protect and preserve the lands and ecosystems that sustain our vital water resources. Please explore our website: coloradoheadwaters.org and help us protect the future of our communities, livelihoods and our way of life.