406 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201

Chaffee County Lights

301 Scott St.
Salida, CO 81202

phone: 252-916-0516
website: www.chaffeecountylights.com
email: drew@chaffeecountylights.com or michael@chaffeecountylights.com

We are a new lighting company in Chaffee County, CO that focuses on holiday, building accent, tree and patio lighting for both residential homes and businesses. We are based in Poncha Springs and our work focuses in and around the Arkansas River Valley. Chaffee County Lights LLC was founded in 2021 by Drew Hoag and Michael Aiello, two local Arkansas Valley guides. Michael and I are both incredibly fortunate to have been members of the Arkansas Valley community for five years now, and we are excited to contribute a quality—and festive—service to our valley. All of our lights are top of the line 10-amp shatterproof LED strings lights, which are built to handle our tough high-country climate.

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