406 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201

Bill Donavan Graphic Design, Video Production and Strategic Communications

website: www.dangerouscircus.com
phone: 719-539-0177
email: bill@dangerouscollective.com


Storytelling & Film • Editing • Graphic Design • Illustration • Signage • Drone • Brand Consultation

We’ve been based in Salida for over twenty years. But, with regional and national clients, we have the experience to solve local communications challenges. We solve problems and make your life easier by mixing behavioral science, technology and data to develop creative solutions. We’re rooted in a deep understanding of branding and brand theory, and our clients seek us out because they want a creative partner who listens, cares and delivers.

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D. Fields Design

phone: 707-932-1680

email: deb.fields@gmail.com
website: www.dfieldsdesign.com

D Fields Design studio specializes in designing newsletters, brochures, information graphics, maps, corporate branding, digital marketing, strategic planning, consultation, website design and managed updates as well as advertisements. Now offering WordPress websites. All work is completely tailored to each client’s market and goal.
Integrity, reasonable rates, good listening skills and experience all working for you.

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Integrity Tattoo

225 Summitview Lane
Poncha Springs, CO  81201

phone: 719-530-1084

email: info@integritytattoo.rocks
website: www.integritytattoo.rocks

Integrity Tattoo provides consultation, design, and custom tattoo services. A complete stock of aftercare and apparel is also available. Our tattoo artists only use one time use needles and disposable tubes to eliminate cross contamination. We serve local residents as well as those from surrounding towns who are looking for a clean and reputable artist without the 4-hour round trip drive. In addition to the local community, Integrity Tattoo is available to the annual 100,000+ tourists that travel to Chaffee county.

If you are a business looking for promotional products or design assistance, contact designer Jason James of Integrity Tattoo.

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Rooster Pie Printing

phone: 719-239-1841
email: dolan@roosterpie.com
website: www.roosterpie.com

Rooster Pie is a local business that was started in 2022 by Salida Native Dolan Potts. Rooster Pie Printing started off small, mostly tinkering and experimenting with screen printing in the garage. However, upon seeing the need and enjoying the process it expanded quickly to include graphic design & Giclee printing. As a result, Rooster Pie Printing offers many different services. They can provide artists with prints of their original works, as well as designing custom products for your business, event or family. Rooster Pie Printing also produces their own artwork and designs various types of media.

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Salida Signs

7747 CR 150
Salida, CO  81201

phone: 719-221-3171
email: salida.colorado.signs@gmail.com
website: www.salidasigns.com

Formerly Ovierre Industries, Salida Signs serves the Arkansas River Valley, and is owned and operated by locals Josh and Jess Smith. Josh has 10+ years of experience designing, producing, and installing commercial signage, and Jess has worked in print and digital marketing and design for nine years.

Salida Signs can design and produce a wide variety of marketing tools for brands big and small

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