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Osake Steak and Sushi Bar Has New Menu Options and Enhanced Fusion Themed Main Dining Room

A year of delectable journeys, memorable flavors, and community connections – Osaké Steak and Sushi Bar (Osaké) proudly announced its one-year anniversary on October 16, 2023. This milestone marks a year of delighting palates and creating a unique dining experience in Salida. Co-owned by culinary powerhouses Kirk Coult and Chef Paula Rungsawang Coult, Osaké has quickly become a gem in the region, offering Japanese steakhouse fare and a diverse array of Asian cuisines.

Nestled in the heart of Salida, Osaké is the fifth addition to the Coult family’s portfolio. At Osaké, diners are taken on a journey through the flavors of Japan and other Asian cultures, delivering an unparalleled fusion of tastes that can only be found under its roof. Osaké is adding new Asian Fusion menus which include cuisines such as Chow Mein, Ginger Salmon, Panang Chicken Curry, Royal Duck Curry and Larb Gui. There will also be an enhanced fusion themed main dining room for guests to enjoy and an additional speciality top shelf cocktail menu coming soon. “The new menu and cuisines have been developed, based on customer request and response, throughout our first year in Salida,” says Paula Coult, chelf and co-owner, Osaké. “We are excited about the new menu options and to continue serving Asian Fusion to the town of Salida.” 

Chef Paula Rungsawang Coult’s original recipes are the heart and soul of the menu, ensuring that every dish tells a story of innovation and passion. From the iconic Osaké Steak prepared Japanese style, served on a sizzling plate with traditional sauces, to the tantalizing variety of Panda Bowls, signature appetizers, sushi rolls, curries, fish, salads, and oysters, Osaké’s offerings are a celebration of culinary artistry and cultural diversity.

Osaké’s distinctiveness shines through in the authenticity of its offerings, as it fills a unique niche in the Salida dining scene. While some eateries in the area offer a limited overlap of sushi and Thai cuisine, it stands alone in delivering an expansive menu that showcases diverse Asian flavors and techniques.

As Osaké commemorates its first anniversary, the restaurant continues to uphold its “come as you are” philosophy, inviting both local community members and visitors to share in its vibrant atmosphere and exceptional cuisine.

For more information about Osaké Steak and Sushi Bar, please visit: https://www.osakesteakandsushi.com/