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Stacey Joslin, Avatar Master


I, Stacey Joslin, live in Salida, Colorado and I am a licensed Avatar Master.

The Avatar® Course is a self development course that helps people explore their consciousness, examine their belief systems and break through limitations so they can create the lives they truly want to live.  The Course was developed by Harry Palmer in 1987 and is run by Star’s Edge International.  It is offered in 78 different countries and is delivered in 26 different languages.  The home base in the US is Orlando, Florida.

As an Avatar Master in Salida, I offer the beginning weekend of The Avatar® Course which is called ReSurfacing.  This course helps people begin to take a good look at what might be holding them back from building a successful business, or from creating a harmonious family, or from inner peace and forward movement in life.

Courage is required to go within, so the atmosphere I create for ReSurfacing is calm and compassionate. There is no pressure and no indoctrination.  You will never be told what to believe or how to think, this course does not subscribe to any religion. It is simply an exploration of your blueprint and how you operate in order to gain clarity on your talents, abilities and life purpose.

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I also offer a monthly group meeting for people who would like to explore creativity and problem solving. Part of my Avatar training is to be able to lead group discussions in a specific way that stimulates a cohesive group dynamic which opens up the creative mind for solutions, new ideas and insights.

Every month will be a different topic of discussion.  Any suggestions are welcome: business, relationships, children and more.

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We are located at Season’s Farm to Table Workshop on Highway 50.

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