Small Business, Big Reach – Using Facebook to Enhance, Engage & Expand

1. Your Fan page is your “store front”
2. Get customers to “Like” and “Join”
3. Create Facebook ads to drive people to your business
4. Be smart and strategic when using FB
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5. FB can convert “views” into “dollars” pretty quickly. The more people who view your page will move your page higher in search engines.
6. Page Basics
a. Photo/art – Change your cover photo regularly. Keep your profile picture/logo consistent.
b. Give a call to action
c. Your No. 1 concern – page should be Interesting and Engaging
d. Use your FB scheduling/calendar page to see how things will appear on the page and plan
e. Pinned posts – keeps info at the top of page for 5 days (To unpin, just click on it again)
f. Use Milestones – they humanize your brand/business. They make people connect with you on a time frame instead of you having to post something.
7. To create a biz page from your personal page, just google how to do it. Good tutorials are free from Facebook. To create a business page from scratch: Sign into your personal Facebook. Click the tool wheel next to settings in the top right corner. Click Create Page. Follow steps.
8. To get people involved:
a. Have a contest regularly – photo contests are good.
b. Change it regularly and keep your profile pic the same.
9. Use short posts (100-150) characters
10. Use pins, videos, pictures, links – they get better results than just text
11. Make sure your posts are available and updated at times your fans are online.
12. Have a conversation with your fans. Thank them. Talk to them, especially if they post negative comments. Link them to blogs, webcams, etc., that explain or prove something.
13. Use Bitly to save space (links are also traceable with Bitly)
14. Engagement rates are higher on Thursday and Fridays.
15. Questions get more results than statements.
16. Use FB coupons, discounts, contests – are easy, fun, fast
17. Click on “Insights” to learn number of views, posts, etc.
18. Click on “Facebook Ads” and then “Create” to put together effective ads. It will ask questions to guide you and help you figure out how to create the ad.
Ad fees: CPM (cost per thousand impressions)
CPC (cost per click)
19. Most common ads are MarketPlace ads – those on the right side of your page. They are targeting you based on your interests.
20. Custom Content and Apps & Offers
Apps are available to create menus, weather bug, trips, everything.
There’s an App to convert their email addresses so you can send them your newsletter.
There’s an app for anything.
Offers – they are free. Don’t cost you to create, but they only go to your Fans and news feed. (So you’re not hitting everyone, but they are a good way to direct discounts to your customers)
21. Under “Insights” – see “Reach”
22. Give viewers a reason to Like your page. Because they have to go in and manually Unlike your page.
23. Do anything (contests, questions, etc.) to get them to Like your page.
24. How to encourage people to sign up for a newsletter? Try integrating it into a post. Use an app linking it to newsletter using “App Installs” to see who is Liking it. Say “If you’re interested in seeing this article, just click …” to send them to your newsletter.
25. Word Press – free version and purchased version. She advises starting with FB and moving to Word Press later (for more in-depth content/ a blog).
26. To make a personal URL for your FB page – Go into “Settings” and set up “General Account,” then user name. This is also under “Create a Page” and then select a user name.
27. Consider co-marketing with other businesses (like those in your neighborhood) and interacting with them on FB. It’s the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” idea. It benefits everyone.
28. Use apps to integrate with other social media. So that the person who Likes your page also follows you on Instagram, etc. (But not Twitter, in this case. FB and Twitter are 2 different audiences of people). Twitter should be limited on characters and it’s a different approach and difference audience.
29. For content mining – Hootsuite (free and a good way to monitor key words and other relevant content)
30. Be Responsive, Interactive and Engaging
31. Give added value to FB fans (special offers for liking my page)
32. Don’t be 1 big sales pitch
33. Have relevant content
34. Campaigns to make fans your stakeholders – contests where they contribute their media (photos) so their friends will get interested too.
35. Be Inclusive instead of Exclusive (mention something your contributor says, comment on their post if it’s exceptional. But don’t re-post their content on your page if they are a direct competitor. )
36. Make sure your content is relevant to your audience, engaging, and adds value to their day. Post a variety of content weekly (links to other pages, photo updates, relevant videos, sharing the status of other relevant businesses)
37. Have fun connecting with your fans & don’t freak out if it’s too complicated at first. Take it one step at a time and ask for help from a friend, an expert, or google search 🙂

Presented by Lauren Swanson for a Creative Mondays program sponsored by Salida’s Creative District, the City of Salida, the SteamPlant Event Center & Colorado Creative Industries.

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