Serving Slabs/Mountain Made

9996 W HWY 50serving slab tag
Poncha Springs, CO

Phone: 719-221-4581


Serving Slabs is a home décor manufacturer located in the Poncha Springs Industrial Park owned by two Salida locals. We service over 1000 retailers across the United States and Canada. Serving Slabs was created in 2011 as a way to re-purpose remnant granite counter top into beautiful home décor items such as lazy susans, cutting boards and serving trays; and to divert this waste from landfills. Since 2011, we have diverted over 250 tons of granite and continue to grow. We are a non-seasonal business which does not rely on tourism or the local economy to prosper. We provide non-cyclical job opportunities for individuals interested in a stable work environment and wish to grow with a unique start-up company.

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