Salida Council for the Arts Announces Scholarship Winners



The Salida Council for the Arts (SCFTA) is proud to announce the current recipients of the 2017 SCFTA Community Grants, “which support specific arts and cultural projects or events,” according to Community Grants Chair Jessie Miller.


The winners for this cycle of Community Grants are as follows:


Jessica Goncalves, on behalf of The Alliance Against Domestic Abuse, has been awarded a $500 Grant to conduct healing creative Pottery workshops for clients at The Maverick Potter;


Steve Kucera, on behalf of TINTS Productions (Theater In Non-Tradtional Spaces), has been awarded a $500 Grant to bring theater back to Salida by producing a play that will employ local actors and will be produced in non-tradionational spaces, making it accessible to the Salida community as a whole; and


Krista Jarvis, on behalf of Community Costumes Inc., has been awarded a $500 Grant for Dias de Los Muertos to create costumes and props for the much loved Salida yearly community event, which includes workshops, costume making, parade, and potluck, and intends on bringing a Spanish speaking interpreter for the workshops to learn more about this historically Mexican celebration.


Recipients of the Community Grants were announced, introduced and awarded their checks by Jessie Miller, on behalf of the Salida Council for the Arts and the Grants Committee, at the Creative Mixer last night at the Salida SteamPlant, a monthly event taking place on the first Thursday of each month from 5:30-7:00pm.


In 2017, the Council has received 28 exceptional applications, 6 of which were awarded $500 each in Community Grants, totaling $3000. The multitude of applications and the true creative passion of the applicants spoke to the strength of arts and culture in our local community. Congratulations to all the current Grant recipients!” exclaims Miller.


These Community Grant projects need to have a definable connection to the Salida Community and be supportive of the Council’s Mission Statement. Sue Ann Hum, SCFTA President, added, “We hope to be able to provide annual support in our community with similar grants. Giving matters. Area residents’ financial support of the Council’s activities and fundraising will continue to make these Grants available in the future, enriching the cultural life of our community. If you want to contribute to the Arts Council, just click on “Support” on our website at  HYPERLINK “”


The SCFTA Mission Statement: “Our mission is to enrich the cultural life of our community by nurturing and supporting excellence in the arts; to increase the community’s awareness of and appreciation for the arts; to promote and encourage arts education; and to serve as liaison between the arts, businesses, government and educational institutions.”


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