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Maryanne Rozzi, Celtic Harpist Live Performance at Guidestone Colorado’s Annual Pumpkin Patch & Harvest Festival – October 13

Fri., October 13th from 2:30-3:30pm at Hutchinson Homestead
Who said Friday the 13th is unlucky? Whoever it was didn’t know that Maryanne Rozzi(Celtic Harp), Chris Leydon (Nyckelharpa) and Bruce Warren (Hammered Dulcimer) would be performing their unique musical stylings during the Annual Pumpkin Patch and Harvest Festival! Talk about good luck! Don’t miss out on all the fun! Click here for details on the Festival. To learn more on how you can enjoy Maryanne Rozzi’s hauntingly beautiful music during your next event, call 719-838-0279 or email solarozzi@yahoo.com.

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