Dining/ Food Related

Burmac Enterprises Inc

5550 E Hwy 50Burmac
Salida, CO 81201

Phone: 719-539-3177

Email: burmac@hotmail.com

Burmac  has been in business going on 40 years and is a unique food store. Burmac products mainly deal with freight and warehouse damaged groceries, discontinued products, and bankrupt stores that are sold back to the public at cheap prices. Burmac carries the unusual, unique and different items that consumers cannot find at any other local stores. The inventory at Burmac changes on a regular basis.

Burmac takes pride in being one of the last ma and pa stores left in the United States. We try hard to give personalized service to our customers, which is something that a lot of bigger stores have shied away from.

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