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Ark-Valley Humane Society

Humane Education Program

Ark-Valley Humane Society is excited to launch a humane education program geared towards kids in a classroom-like setting. The AVHS Humane Education Program’s purpose is to educate the younger generations on multiple types of animal-related subjects. Click here for details!!


Through this program we want to inform young people about issues that animals face, and empower them to make a difference in their communities while also instilling compassion in them for all living things. Our hope is that every young person involved in our Humane Education Program feels compassion and empathy for all living beings on earth.


Research supports the value of humane education. A 1997 study by Northeastern University and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found that over a 20-year period, a group of individuals who had abused animals as youths were five times more likely as the non-abusers to commit violent crimes, four times more likely to commit property crimes and three times more likely to have drug or disorderly conduct offenses. As animal welfare professionals, we want to reverse those statistics by teaching these kids about animals in a fun and memorable way.


“We’re really excited about this program and the opportunity for Ark-Valley Humane Society to give back by way of educating kids about pet-related topics in a fun and unique way,” says Caitlin Reese, Outreach Manager at AVHS.


Ark-Valley Humane Society is currently teaming up with both the Salida and Buena Vista Boys and Girls Club to offer weekly lessons with stories and worksheets where kids get to learn about topics such as responsible pet ownership, how to approach a strange dog, and what an animal shelter is, in a fun and engaging way. They even have opportunities to interact with actual service dogs and learn some of these important things in a hands-on environment.


To learn more, get involved or help us expand this program, please call or email Caitlin at or 719.966.8025.


About Ark-Valley Humane Society


Founded in 1995, Ark-Valley Humane Society advocates for the welfare of all animals through compassion and care. With a Live Release Rate of 98%, Ark-Valley Humane Society is dedicated to providing each animal with the care they deserve and the hope for a second chance.

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